Sunday Skirmish

Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment

We recommend that you wear boots that give you full ankle support, clothes that cover your arms and legs fully and full head/face protection. This includes helmets.

Eye protection MUST be worn at all times whilst in the game zones/areas.

We strongly advise goggles that seal around the eyes.

Ballistic or Shooting glasses are worn at YOUR OWN RISK.

Whilst playing at AFTER DARK C.Q.B you MUST have FULL FACE PROTECTION.

R.I.F and Pyrotechnic Rules

All weapons will be checked on OUR chronographs.

The absolute maximum power in Feet Per Second on 0.2g B.B’s for guns are as follows:

AEG’s / Gas with single shot and full auto capability is 350fps.

Shotguns (Spring or Gas) are 350fps

DMR locked to single shot only is 450fps

Sniper Rifles (Spring or Gas) are 500fps

*Please note DMR and Sniper Rifles have a minimum engagement of 30 meters*

We have no limit for pistols in open areas HOWEVER pistols we deem to be excessively powered will be “sin binned” for the remainder of the day.

Please note, AFTER DARK C.Q.B does not allow ANY weapon above 350fps.

Any weapons found to exceed these limits will be refused entry onto the gaming field. If we believe that a weapon has cheated the chronograph we will ask you to leave the site and will not issue a refund for the game day.

Due to the nature and location of some of our games, Darkwater Airsoft Ltd does not allow box magazines on non support weapons or two tone weapons in Milsim Games. This isn’t because we’re miserable buggers, it’s to keep the scenario as realistic as possible.

Two Tones weapons are accepted on our sites during NON MILSIM events.

Weapons must be cleared, made safe and mags removed before entering the safe zone.

Strictly NO FIRING in the safe-zone, even dry.

All pyrotechnics are to be branded or a recognised manufacturer (e.g. Enola Gaye, Incentive Designs, etc).

It’s advisable that any re-usable Pyro are clearly marked with a contact name and/or number for ease of return should they be lost. Please do not attempt to reclaim re-usable pyro until that area has been successfully captured.


In Game Rules

Do not touch or move any parts of the structure or game props unless they feature as directed as part of the game being played.

Do not climb ANY walls or buildings unless directed to do so by Darkwater Airsoft Staff.

Help us to provide quality airsoft games by playing with honesty and integrity.

A hit occurs when a B.B fired directly from a gun, or launched by a grenade, strikes a player anywhere about their person or attire. Weapon hits and obvious ricochets do not count as hits.

When you are hit, shout ‘hit’, raise your hand and wait to be medic assisted or follow the IN GAME RULES as set out at the briefing.

If you are hit whilst being medic assisted you are dead. Go to regen/base/game rules as directed.

If your MEDIC is hit whilst assisting, you are dead. Go to regen/base/game rules as directed.

If no player medic assists, do not linger in the game field, head back to regen/base.

Dead players must not walk through active play zones and they must not be used for tactical gain.

Other than to advise of your own current status; dead players are not to talk.

Please refrain from fighting and verbal abuse. We take a somewhat dim view to violence. You will be asked to leave the site and the Authorities WILL be called if necessary.  We are all here to have fun after all.

Cheat calling is expressly forbidden, seek a Marshal if you have an issue with another player.

Marshals decisions are FINAL.