Young Guns 25/6/17
Date: June 25, 2017
Time: 09:00 - 15:30
Game info
Event type: Skirmish
Duration: 6 hours
Sides and missions

If you are aged between 11 and 17 and want to join in exciting games of skirmish airsoft at its best why not come along to our Longmoor HQ site, Fleming lines? Just over the A3 from Longmoor Army Camp near Greatham Village we have 15 acres of developed woodland available for our events featuring various game areas as the Plateau, Hamburger Hill and The Range, not to mention a close quarter battle range.

As well as an excellent site, you can benefit from over 60 years combined military and Police tactical firearms experience, and not only can we offer an extensive young guns training syllabus where you can develop and learn from event to event, but we also offer a verification scheme whereby regular attendees playing at the site will be verified once they have registered with the British Airsoft Club, a service not offered by any other Airsoft company.

Our objective is to deliver events that are not only good exercise but are fun, enjoyable but more importantly, safe. Our aim is to encourage communication and team work so all the kids who come to our events take on board skills that can easily be transferred into every aspect of their lives. Respect of each other and also the weapons we use is paramount and so promotes taking personal responsibility for the kit and equipment we issue – core values and standards we want to enhance.

Our directing staff are all first aid trained and the company hold a current DBS certificate so if any parents out there want to drop their kids off for the day whilst they go about doing boring adult stuff, the kids can get involved in training and some well supervised games – what’s not to love? All for what is less than the cost of a baby sitter for the day.


If hire kit and equipment is required then please add £20 per person for full day booking or £10 for half day sessions.

There are no merchant facilities available on site so please remember to bring cash with you for extras!