Bring and Battle
Date: July 29, 2017
Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Game info
Event type: Skirmish
Duration: 7 hours
Sides and missions

Airborne Airsoft are proud to present our very own Bring and Battle event!

The idea is you book your pitch then turn up early doors, set up your stall and sell any surplus kit and equipment you want rid of – including old or unwanted airsoft guns! We have a range already set up so you can pre test purchases and will be running the morning market element inside our work in progress Blitz Hampshire CQB arena. Once sales have died down we will have a lunch with burgers and drinks for sale and then its onto 3 hours of fun skirmish games so you can properly test out your new tac kit and guns against moving targets!

To set up a pitch you need to book a slot and pay the fee of £10 which covers you for the morning market. If you want to have a shoot in the afternoon session it’s another £10 to play for 3 hours – not a bad day out for £20!

We have a limited number of tables available so it you want to set up a pitch we recommend you bring a paste table with you or something you can lay on the floor to protect your kit. The tables we have are strictly first come first served basis.

Hire kit is also available for the afternoon shoot for £10.