Date: April 29, 2017
Time: 11:00 - 19:00
Briefing: 10:30
Doors open: 08:00
Game info
Event type: Scenario
Duration: 8 hours
Game tasks:
Airsoft Season Opening 2017
Sides and missions
Government forces
  • Control over government area
  • Taking over land controlled by Opposition
  • Locate Opposition command center
  • Discover location of chemical weaponry
  • Prevent Oppositions strikeback
Opposition Forces
  • Defend your territories
  • Oppose Government forces in every way
  • Attack on Government territories
  • Get into Command Center and still launch codes
  • Use the chemical weaponry on Government forces

Year 2023. A world war is happening between Northern Coalition and Trans South Community. In this world apocalypse small countries are fighting for control and resources.

We are in Jassor a city in Berduen, where Government Forces are fighting insurgents from Opposition Force

Government of Berduen sworn their loyalty to Trans South Community from the very beginning and was following their political course, on the other side Opposition Forces where all about NC and their vision of world. When the global conflict started, a peaceful country has fallen into bloody war. Two opposing forces moved from words and political games to open fight

Internal conflict escalated after Government forces lost control over many military points and strategic resources. Frank Meido a General of Government Forces ordered rockets with bioagent warheads to be launched upon Opposing army

This very day in Berduen was called “Judgment day” as government forces wiped out Opposing Forces command Center with all staff located in it, causing devastation not only among militaries, but also among locals located nearby

Opposition is nearly wiped out, fear and panic ravaging the land. Government Forces are preparing for final strike upon remaining insurgents.

Remaining Opposing Forces are preparing to hold their ground with all their got, and they have planed something far worse than   what already was done...


  • Each game side will receive additional tasks and missions
  • Game territory will contain infected areas, players are allowed to be in them only wearing special equipment
  • Each game side will have ability to request satellite reconnaissance 


Chroning of weaponry is a must for each player (based on allowed velocities in Latvia)

Game will utilize rules for shell-shock (applied to player wearing body armor and helmets)

Smoke and grenades are allowed.

Vehicles – 2-3 units.